Lansing Rowing Club is an open club dedicated to providing facilities and companionship to people who want to row. We row on the Grand River in Lansing, MI, a beautiful stretch of quiet water and welcome anyone with an interest in our sport.

Our boats are owned by the club for use by club members. Our fleet includes single-person boats for beginners, intermediate and advanced rowers.  We also have double, pair, quad and four boats.

Membership in our club is offered to any adult with an interest in rowing. Our members include people from all walks of life, representing a wide variety of cultures and professional interests. Ages range from late teens to people in their eighth decade of life. To find out more about how to join our club, please visit the membership page.


Lansing Rowing Club also offers summer Learn-To-Row programs that progress from a dry land education to sweep rowing in a large barge to sculling in individual boats.  Please visit our programs page to learn more about to enroll.